poetry شعر

I know, I know! It's absurdly romantic & romantically absurd, but still I cannot help loving it! :D

دربست گرفت، راهی دریا شد
با تور، توریستِ شهر ماهی ها شد
رودی که سوار مترو، تا جنگل رفت
نامادریِ چند قزل آلا شد

/dar-bast   ge-reft,   raa-hi-e   dar-yaa   shod/
/baa toor,  too-ris-te   shah-re   maa-hi-ha   shod/
/roo-di   ke   sa-vaa-re   met-ro   taa   jan-gal   raft/
/naa-maa-da-ri-e   chand    ghe-zel   aa-laa   shod/

Renting a Taxi, she went to the seaside
Joining a tour, she became a tourist to the City of the Fish
Riding on the subway, she, the river who went to the jungle
now have became the step mother of a couple of trout fish (!!!)

It's deep to the nature, Is'nt it?

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