how to learn english

 I`m very good at English & tried very hard for it. at the time i started learning english i made a lot of flash cards like this: question on the face & the answer on back of it. because when you learn a foreign languge itly u can speak more easily. i regularry read them at least an hour a day when i was watching TV or cooking. always i have some flashcards with myself. i tried a lot of english movies in order to fix my acsent & speaking. most of the time i heared a sentence over & over to recogonize that what the actor tells. then stupidly i repeated the dialogs with my self.
for learning english its very important that u make your english knowledge practical & applied. i`m a guid of tourists in my beautiful historic city Shiraz of Iran, & i`m very good at computers so my english is very helpful for me & i made myself to learn it. u must do such thing. for example your cell phone must be on the english language  or make friendship with the other countrys` people with your english.try to make situations for yourself to use your english. its the best for learning English.

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