علامه اقبال لاهوری

IQBAL LAHURI is a prominent pakistani poet who has many poetries in farsi. his masterpieces are simply fantastic. sensitive, political, moving... . When I first felt in love, this poetry was the only thing I kept whispering :)


بی تو از خواب عدم،دیده گشودن نتوان
/Bi  To  Az  Khaa-Be  'A-Dam,  Di-De  Go-Shoo-dan  Na-Ta-Vaan/
without you, I could not be awake from the sleep of not existing

بی تو بودن نتوان، با تو نبودن نتوان
/Bi  To  Boo-dan  Na-Ta-Vaan,  Baa  To  Na-Boo-Dan  Na-Ta-Vaan/
I cannot be without you. I cannot stand not being with you

در جهان است دل ما و جهان در دل ماست
/Dar-Ja-Haan  Ast  De-Le  Ma  o  Ja-Haan  Dar  De-Le  Maast/
our heart is in the world but the whole world is in our heart

لب فرو بند که این عقده گشودن نتوان
/Lab  Fo-Roo  Band  Ke  In  Ogh-De  Go-Shoo-Dan  Na-Ta-Vaan/
dont say a thing, Its impossible to explain these complicated things

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